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5 Affordable Countries to Live in as a Digital Nomad

When you are traveling the world as a digital nomad, you want the opportunity to explore the incredible countries you’re visiting. But if the cost of living in a country is astonishingly high, you won’t have any money left over to actually travel. Which is kind of the point of being a digital nomad, right? Luckily, there are tons of low-cost countries that you can live in and travel through. Here are 5 affordable countries to live in as a digital nomad.

1) Thailand

Affordable Countries for Digital Nomads Thailand








Top Cities: Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai

Average Rent: City apartment: $500/month; Suburb apartment: $300/month

Average Food: $200 or less/month

Official Language: Thai

Thailand is ranked as one of the cheapest countries to live in for digital nomads. The biggest costs you have to worry about abroad are your rent and food. In this country, you’ll spend an average of $500-$700 a month on rent and food combined. That’s just if you fall into the average, but you can always find cheaper rent and cheaper cuisine. The average price for a food item at the grocery store is about $1. For example, you can buy a loaf of bread, pound of chicken and eggs for a buck each. Thailand is a beautiful tropical country that has some of the lowest costs you’ll find abroad.

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2) Colombia

Affordable Countries for Digital Nomads Colombia







Top Cities: Medellin, Santa Marta

Average Rent: $270-500/month

Average Food: $200 or less/month

Official Language: Spanish

Colombia is one of the cheapest countries to travel to in South America. Rent is relatively affordable in most areas—even in populated cities such as Medellin. However, some areas can hike up the price and be around $750 a month. When you are looking at housing in Colombia, just remember that there is cheap housing, so don’t give in and rent an overly-expensive place.

Groceries also end up being on the cheaper side in Colombia. Fruits and vegetables are $0.30-$0.50 per pound, and bread and poultry end up being $1 per pound. Other expenses such as taxis and entertainment are generally affordable as well. Taxis cost about $2 per mile and a bus ride is only around $0.50 cents per ride. Colombia is the perfect country to travel to as a digital nomad if you want some Latin culture on an tight budget.

3) Indonesia

Affordable Countries for Digital Nomads Indonesia









Top Cities: Ubud, Bali

Average Rent: City apartment: $500/month; Suburb apartment: $250/month

Average Food: $150/month

Official Language: Indonesian

As one of the cheapest and most extraordinary countries in Southeast Asia, you definitely want to consider living in Indonesia for your next destination. There are over 17,000 islands to explore and you’ll have plenty of leftover money from your budget to do so. Living in the city is extremely cheap compared to prices in cities such as New York City or LA.

But if you wanted to save even more money, you could stay outside of the city for an average of $250 a month. You also don’t have to worry about the price of groceries as you’ll spend an average of $150 a month on food in Indonesia. That rounds out to be between $400-650 a month. Those prices sound pretty good for your list of affordable countries to live in as a digital nomad, eh?

4) Nepal

Affordable Countries for Digital Nomads Nepal








Top Cities: Kathmandu

Average Rent: $85-200/month

Average Food: $100-200/month

Official Language: Nepali, English

Nepal has to be one of the cheapest countries you can travel to as a digital nomad. The cost of rent alone will make your jaw drop. You won’t have to spend more than $200 a month on rent, and you know what that means? Plenty of remaining cash to have the most amazing experiences of your life as you travel through Nepal.

The cost of food is also extremely cheap; for only $100-$200 a month, you’ll be extremely well fed. In addition, you’ll spend an average of $75 a month on transportation if you’re traveling a bunch. Most attractions in Nepal cost around $2 for entrance—a low price for the amazing experiences you’ll have. It’s safe to say that money will be the least of your worries while you’re traveling through Nepal. The only thing you should fear is not having enough time to see all there is to see.

5) Peru

Affordable Countries for Digital Nomads Peru







Top Cities: Lima

Average Rent: $280-$380/month

Average Food: $200 or less/month

Official Language: Spanish

When it comes to affordability, you can’t beat the prices in Peru. It’s very unlikely you’ll spend over $400 on rent in Peru or more than $200 on groceries. You can average out around $600 per month for rent and food in Peru, which should leave you plenty to have some fun.

The average meal at a restaurant in Peru will only end up costing you around $3. Beer is cheaper than milk here, adding up to around $1.30 per half-liter bottle while milk is $4 a gallon. The cost of having a good time in Peru isn’t much either as you can count on spending about $25 a month on transportation here. Peru is one of the best countries in South America to live in for the budget-minded digital nomad.

Are you ready for the (affordable) adventure of a lifetime? Get packin’!

You can check out more about the specific costs of these countries at Numbeo. These countries are both fun and easy on the wallet, making them the perfect affordable countries to live in as a digital nomad. So book your tickets and take your pick!


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