I’ve experienced my fair share of public transportation in my home country of the United States. New York City, Washington D.C. and many other cities have great public transportation, but I’ve never been to happier to experience the London Tube.

I’d say navigation comes naturally to me, so when I was briefly living in New York City, I couldn’t quite understand how tourists and locals alike couldn’t quite get a hang of the subway.


For any first-time traveler who’s nervous about getting around the city, I highly recommend making London your first introduction into public transportation.

Location, Location, Location

London double decker bus

While choosing either your hotel, or semi-permanent residence during your time in London, be sure to choose somewhere near a tube station.

During my visit to London, I stayed in the Soho area near Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.  After I had visited all my neighborhood hotspots such as the British Museum and Oxford Street on Boxing Day, I bought an Oyster Card and was on my way.

To learn more about the Oyster Card the best practices of use, read this blog.

picadilly circus platform

Clean and Quiet

The famous London Underground was the first underground railway in the world, and now stands as one of the most impressive public transportation services in the world.

I was shocked at how pristine the tube cars are in the London Underground. Even the seats were covered in fabric – what?! Definitely not used to that in the New York City subways or Washington D.C. Metro.


Fewer Delays and Reliable Routes

I rarely heard of anyone experiencing delayed trains or cancelled routes. And I adore that if you accidentally get off at the wrong stop, the next train will promptly come back along within 2-7 minutes. Just hop back on and continue to your destination!

Easy to Read Rail Maps

I mean, it’s next to impossible to mess up! As long as you know which platform you need to get off, riding the tube is a breeze.

london tube

If public transportation or bustling cities in general make you a little flustered, I highly recommend making London your first big city visit! Especially for English-speakers, I found all staff very helpful and friendly.

Have you experience better public transportation than London? Give me your thoughts in the comments!


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