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Wouldn’t it be great not to be bound by conventions of place? To just be able to pack your bags and travel wherever you wish, all the while supporting yourself with a steady job? Australia is at the forefront when it comes to this trend. Let’s see what it is that makes it the ideal playground for digital nomads.

A Country of Freelancers

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While it’s sometimes cool to be a pioneer, a lot of the times it’s easier when you already have a strong community that you can lean on. If you decide to live on the move and work remotely in Australia, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. According to a study done by the freelancing site Upwork, a whopping 4.1 million Australians – which is approximately a third of the country’s population – has done some freelance work in the recent past.

What’s even more surprising is that the majority of them are now earning more than when they were traditionally employed, and more than half would not consider going back to traditional employment, even if the pay was bigger. The biggest number of current freelancers is in IT, but there are other professions too, such as design, sales, marketing and writing.

Excellent Opportunities

Australia is a very modern country, with all of the comforts you need for remote work. Internet connection may vary depending on the area, but unless you are heading out to the desert, you should be able to get a high-speed internet connection. This is especially true of the big cities. While hotel accommodation can be expensive, renting a home is always an option for finding more affordable housing. If you prefer working from an office, shared office space in Sydney and other big cities is quite common, and some places even offer after-hours and weekend access for night owls and those who have clients in different time zones.

Natural Gifts

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Australia is a wonderful country to explore, with much to recommend it. You like huge, dynamic, multicultural cities? Check out Sydney and Melbourne. You prefer rugged, wild beauty? Take the legendary, Heritage-listed Great Ocean Road. Surfers and divers are most keen on the golden sands of the eastern coast. If lush ancient forests are more your thing, head over to Tasmania or Queensland. And the Red Centre is a pilgrimage everyone needs to make at least once. The area is home to the mystical Uluru, as well as Kata Tjuta and the breathtaking Kings Canyon. Australia has great weather all year round, with hot summers, pleasant spring and autumn, and mild winters.


The times are a-changing, that’s for sure. The job market in particular is undergoing significant shifts, due to ease of global communication. More and more people are working remotely, whether from home or anywhere else in the world. The trend is allowing companies to make savings on reduced office space, while workers are able to spend their time wherever they like, as long as they keep their productivity levels up. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.


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