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Have you ever been stuck on a flight with a seat that doesn’t recline, or beside the restrooms, or with limited foot space? Have you ever had to endure any of these during a (gasp!) 3+ hours or international flight? This why you need to use SeatGuru to help you avoid all of that hot mess.

I’ve recently booked 3 major flights for travel, and each time I learn a little bit more on how to save money, how to get better seats, and how to make the flight just a litttleee more enjoyable. I mean, as much as you can on an international flight in coach.

Choose Your Flight Seats on SeatGuru

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One of my traveling buddies, who will be heading to Iceland with me next month, recommended for me to use SeatGuru before I officially booked my flight.

I now owe her so much in gratitude for sharing her travel tip with me.

SeatGuru allows you to type in the Airline you’re flying plus the flight number and it will show you all the available seats, best seats for your money, and comments from fellow travelers about their experience in each seat.

Want to maximize your seat potential in addition to checking Seat Guru?

Buy your tickets early


The folks at Seat Guru say “Usually, you can’t choose a good seat the day before since seats go quickly. The earlier you book your flight, the more seats available, the bigger your pool to pick from.”

Choose the Aisle Seat

This can be a mixed-bag of opinions. The window seats are usually the most popular, and therefore, the first to go, but I’m a fan of the aisle seat. You don’t have to share your armrest, you can get up and stretch/use the bathroom without hesitation, and you’ve got the added benefit of extra leg room.

Know Your Airline

Not all airlines are created equally. Which is why we use Seatguru to view plane layouts!

For instance, Aeromexico’s Boeing 777 boasts a 34 inch seat pitch and an 18.5 seat width compared to CEBU Pacific Air’s 30 inch seat pitch and 15.5 seat width. Ouch.

Check this handy dandy comparison chart of legroom and space between different airlines to make your best judgment of call of which airline you’d rather spend hours aboard.

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