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I have had the privilege of being a permanent resident of Charleston, South Carolina for almost 3 years now. And let me tell you, I am in love with this city. And it’s easy to see why Charleston is an exciting city to be a Digital Nomad. From the endless cafes, to being a hub for Young Professionals in the Southeast, Charleston is an ideal destination to spend a few weeks or months in while working on your entrepreneurial projects.

Digital Nomad in Charleston

digital nomad charleston


Although I am a resident, I’ve met several nomads who call this city “home” for a temporary, unset amount of time, and I can definitely see why. What’s known as “The Holy City” is certainly a desirable destination for digital nomads all over the world – and here’s why:


Silicon Harbor

The Charleston area is now affectionately known as Silicon Harbor – one of America’s fastest growing technology epicenters. There are many start ups and new businesses fostering a creative hub in the city and there’s no shortage of brilliant minds in this city to network and bounce ideas off of. Seriously! Everytime I turn around I make new connections and meet inspiring folks working toward their goals.

There’s even a Silicon Harbor magazine, check it out!

Modern Coworking Offices

digital nomad charleston

Coworking in Charleston has never been more exciting. New independent work spaces are popping up everyday, which is perfect for a Digital Nomad in Charleston. Here are my favorites:

Harbor Entrepreneur Center

Locations in Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Downtown Charleston, and North Charleston.

Local Works Charleston



Whether you’re building a company, or working on side projects, these coworking spots are an excellent place to brainstorm and find inspiration.

Endless Networking Events

digital nomad in charleston

Subscribe to Tech After 5 for up-to-date networking events. Brews and meeting new young professionals in town has never been more fun. When you attend a Tech After 5 event, you’re guaranteed to make new connections in the city and, who knows, you may find new jobs and opportunities! Bonus: You get a free beer at these events 🙂

Speaking of Young Professionals… join Charleston Young Professionals and gain access to the regions most powerhouse and up and coming young leaders. Yes, that could even mean YOU!

Reasonable Cost of Living… Comparitively

The good news: Charleston is cheaper than large cities such as San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. or Los Angeles, but if you’re looking for a very cheap city to work remotely from, Charleston may not be that place for you. However, if you know where to look and are willing to live outside the city center, it’s easy to make your money go further.

Expect to spend $700 – $900+ renting a bedroom in Downtown Charleston. However, if you live Downtown, you won’t need a car, and you can bike or uber to almost any bar, coworking space, or tourist destination. And, trust me, the are plenty of historic sites, and nationally-acclaimed restaurants just minutes from wherever you are.

Also check out these neighborhoods: Park Circle, James Island, Mount Pleasant

Want to learn more about calling Charleston home for a little while? View NomadList’s review of Charleston as a Digital Nomad hostpot.


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