Uhh, are all Digital Nomads Commitment-Phobes like me? Do the words “longterm relationship,” “longterm employer,” or longterm anything scare the shit out of you? Because it does for me. I cringe at the thought of any aspect of my life becoming stagnant or monotonous. But I’ve decided to start embracing commitment issues because I don’t think it’s really an “issue” anyway.

I view fear of commitment as the desire to experience everything I possibly can.

Screw It, I’m Gonna Own My Fear of Forever

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After 26 years of being unable to commit to basically anything except being a Bossbitch™ I’ve decided to own my fear of forever. I simply like too many different things all at once and view commitment as turning my back on all of the possible opportunities that exist.

Even in my day-to-day life, I absolutely despise the idea of routine, or people telling me what to do for arbitrary reasons. I’m now learning that maybe this is why I had a problem with authority growing up. Regardless, I’ve always felt like pushing the boundaries of expectation and asking “why” when told I have to do something ~just because~ or follow the rules. I’m like, “Hey, why does this dumb rule exist other than the fact that it’s been existing for a long time.” Ya know?

Are all Digital Nomads Terrified of Following The Rules?

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I’d say it’s one of our most common character traits. It’s a typical personality feature that leads us to often become explorers and adventurers. Routine is not designed for us, and so we must always seek out what’s new and exciting and soak up everything like a sponge. Or maybe it’s just a millennial thing. Either way, I’m definitely on board.

After all, an Airbnb study shows that millennials are more interested in spending their money on experiences rather than big purchases – like buying a home. And then I realize, being a Digital Nomad isn’t just able traveling, it’s about freedom. Being a Digital Nomad is a lifestyle choice built on a foundation of counter-culture. Thriving off every new path we create for ourselves that’s out of the ordinary.

Am I The Only One Who Wonders”Why Settle Down?”

After years of watching friends get married, have babies, buying homes in their early 20’s, am I the only one scratching my head? While I’m happy that they’re happy, the biggest thought running through my head is once again, “why?”

Is it because it’s the easiest path that comes naturally after years of society telling us what our milestones should be, especially for women feeling pressure to settle down? We have grown up hearing fairytales of Happily Ever After once the girl finds her Prince and they live in a cottage with 2.5 nuclear kids – but that’s certainly not the only source of fulfillment that exists.

Some people call this ‘adulting’ but I call this surrender for someone in their early-to-mid twenties. Being tied down to mortgages for houses that are unnecessarily too big, spending tens of thousands of dollars on weddings that last for one day, luxury cars that get you from your office job to your mortgaged house and back again, day in and day out. Why don’t more people understand that freedom is more valuable than all of these things combined?

We Have the World At Our Fingertips

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The ability to travel and see what this planet has to offer has never been more accessible than it is now, and as affordable as it is now. More companies are embracing remote culture for employees and airlines are competing for customers by offering unbelievable international flights. All you have to do is make the choice!

Settling down doesn’t mean you have to settle and I am a huge proponent not giving yourself ultimatums. You can do both! You can travel extensively and hit society’s milestones back home – it’s entirely possible to do each simultaneously! However, I’m not sure everyone knows that. It seems more common that people view travel and adulting as an either/or scenario.

  • “I can either travel or I can get married.” Hint: You can easily do both if you don’t spend an egregious amount on an American wedding.
  • “I can either travel or work towards this promotion.” Hellooo, doing both is what Digital Nomadism is all about 😉
  • “I’ll miss my significant other too much if I leave without him.” No girl, don’t start with that.

Until Then, This is the Only Committment I Need

Maybe I’ll never know why people settle down at ages meant for exploration, but as long as they are genuinely content with the choices they make, and aren’t settling down just to be “normal,” then I wish them nothing but happiness – in their own way.

But for me at this stage in my life, the only commitment I need is…

– Commitment to explore new corners of the world.

– Commitment to learn new languages.

– Commitment to push myself out of my comfort zone.

– Commitment to try new cuisines, cultures, and traditions.


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


Hi, I'm Chelse! I am a Digital Nomad obsessed with traveling the world and seeking adventure beyond the 9-5 office life. When I turned 25 I decided that I was going to stop making excuses and do what I've always dreamed. I went from having 0 stamps in my passport to 15+ countries in one year. I encourage anyone who wants to live a Digital Nomad lifestyle to buy the ticket first, and figure out the rest later!

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