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If London isn’t on your bucket list, then it needs to be ASAP! If you’re a travel newbie and looking for a smooth holiday, London is a fantastic entry-level destination. The public transportation is easy to use and navigate, English is spoken everywhere (duh!) and you’ll find the same western comforts of home.

Ready for your first rodeo in London?

You’ve bought your plane ticket and you hear the Union Jack calling your name. What’s on your itinerary? If you have no clue where to start, think about adding these must-see attractions in London to your to-do list!

Buckingham Palace

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When you visit Buckingham Palace, you have the option of doing a tour from July 23rd 2016 to October 2nd 2016 for about £27.50. Though, you don’t need to purchase a ticket just to visit and walk around the grounds.

If you plan ahead, you may be lucky enough to witness the Changing of the Guards ceremony.

2016 Changing of the Guards Times

February- Odd days (1, 3, 5 etc)

March – Even days (2, 4, 6 etc)

April – Everyday, except 24 April

May – Everyday, except 30 May

June- Everyday

Covent Garden

covent garden london

There are few words to describe the electric energy buzzing throughout Covent Garden in London. Don’t go to London and miss this gem. I adored the street entertainment and the atmosphere.

There’s plenty of shops, artists, and pubs within the market area to keep you busy for an entire afternoon.

But I must caution you, leave the high heels at home! The market features lovely cobblestone throughout the neighborhood, so slip on some comfortable sneakers before you leave your hotel or hostel.

Tip: If you’re tired from a long day of sight-seeing, stop at one of the market vendors for fresh fruit, grab a tea, and rest your legs in the sunshine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.40.03 PM

Big Ben

must see attractions in london

You don’t get much more iconic than this one, folks.

The Big Ben is a 2-for-1 destination as the London Eye is just a short walk across the bridge to reach.

Big Ben and the Westminster Palace was truly breathtaking to see up close and personal. Especially, since it’s been a dream of mine for so many year. It’s so much larger and ornate than I ever imagined.

Do your research on the area beforehand so you can identify important historical markers and know where you’ll get the best photo opps.

The London Eye

must see attractions in london

As I mentioned above, the London Eye is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Big Ben, and is DEFINITELY one of the must see attractions in london. In fact, you can choose to get off at either tube stop and be able to walk around the entire afternoon on foot.  And hey, that saves a few Euros on tube fare.

If you choose to take a ride around the giant ferris wheel, be prepared to spend about £20-£50 Euros on tickets. I chose to save my money and spend it on food and beer, but I’ve heard the views are staggeringly gorgeous.

In the summer, take advantage of music in the park, and in the winter, lace up your ice-skates and go ice-skating. So fun!

Oxford Street

must see attractions in london

Ahhh, the best shopping destination (in my opinion) in all of London.

I was fortunate enough to stay about a block away on Tottenham Court road in the trendy SoHo district.

Bring your credit card to shop some of the most luxe brands in all of London. Of course, there’s also bargain shops and boutiques to browse. As an American, I had a fabulous time at Primark, essentially the Brit version of Forever 21. In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m in a dress I bought from Primark!

trafalgar square london
Hey look! It’s me wearing my Primark dress hanging out at Trafalgar Square.

Bonus points if you travel to London over the holidays and can take advantage of Boxing Day sales and the sparkling lights that drape the streets.

Tip: due to crowding, keep your purse nearby as a precaution. Crowds + tourists are the #1 easiest target for pick-pockets in general.


Have you been to any of these must see attractions in London or have a recommendation for me the next time I am in London? Let me know in the comments!



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