How to Spend 3 Days in Pai, Thailand

If you’re backpacking through Thailand or living in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad, be sure to spend a weekend in the hippie town of Pai, just 3 hours to the north of Chiang Mai. Pai is a small town that packs a lot of action. Be sure to visit some of these spots while passing through or spending a long weekend of 3 days in Pai! Visit the Pai Waterfalls There are many waterfalls to visit when you are in Pai, Thailand. My favorite was the Pam Bok waterfall outside of the city. You can rent a motorbike from…

That Time I Took a Vomit Smelling Bus from Chiang Mai to Pai

Bus from Chiang Mai to Pai Cost: 150 Baht Getting to the Bus Station in Chiang Mai Most likely your bus or van from Chiang Mai to Pai will be leaving from the Arcade Bus Station in the upper right hand corner of the city if you’re looking at a map. This is the older bus terminal, not the updated Terminal 3. So if you think the station looks really clean and modern, this is not the place you’re supposed to be at. Yes, You Need Dramamine Whether you get motion sickness or just want to pass out to avoid…