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11 Misconceptions About Digital Nomads

I wrote this post out of frustration because I feel like the Digital Nomad community is misunderstood. The majority of doubters and nay-sayers automatically assume this community is just full of bloggers who depict themselves living a fantasy lifestyle in order to sell their next e-book. Every now and then I’m playing defense explaining myself to others about what it means to be a remote worker and battling misconceptions of being a Digital Nomad. While in reality, it’s much more complex than sitting on the beach drinking cocktails during a conference call. There are many misconceptions about Digital Nomads, but for now,…

Why I Chose Chiang Mai as My First Digital Nomad Trip

Chiang Mai, Thailand is easily one of the most popular cities in the world for Digital Nomads to call home, or at least spend a few months in. For some, Chiang Mai is the total package. It certainly is a unique town, busting at the seems with culture and a thriving nomad scene. So what makes Chiang Mai for Digital Nomads and remote workers the best? Check it out! Excellent Wifi https://www.instagram.com/p/BK-bhLEgDbq/?taken-by=hashtagtourist Chiang Mai is a cafe capitol of the world, that’s for sure. I lived in the trendy Nimman area of town near Doi Suthep and there was no…

How to Become a Female Digital Nomad

how to become a female digital nomad

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” – Paulo Coelho

I became a Female Digital Nomad out of necessity. Necessity to explore and out of fear that 20 years from now I would be filled with regret. And as luck would have it, the planets aligned and I became a location independent worker after years and years of wishing I had the opportunity to travel.

As I’ve said before, I think working remotely is the key to a happy and successful work/life balance and I could scream from the rooftops how much I believe in its mystical *powers*. So let me give you a brief outline how to become a Female Digital Nomad. Because, let me tell you, the hardest part is 100% buying the ticket. Everything else, you figure out as it comes!

Why More Companies Are Embracing the Digital Nomad Work Culture

Attracting better talent has never been more lucrative for businesses and why the Digital Nomad work culture has never been more within reach. We’ve never been more accessible than we are now. Coworkers, clients, employees, and potential business relationships have never had more access to each other, thanks to incredible advances in technology. Technology grants us the ability to be in constant communication, and with that, many companies and employees are inquiring if an employee must spend 40+ hours a week in the office in order to be successful. Those seeking the Digital Nomad lifestyle aim to challenge those antiquated requirements…

The Best Cities in the World for Digital Nomads

Dreaming of becoming a Digital Nomad and don’t know which city to kick off your world tour? Or are you an experienced nomad and in search of your next destination? Try out one of these hotspots for remote workers + best cities in the world for digital nomads! #8 Budapest, Hungary City of Spas, the Good Life Its rich spa heritage make Budapest a destination to relax your soul and body. Spend the day working at numerous cafes and exploring excellent public transportation, and your evening relaxing at a bath. Budepest celebrates art, architecture, history, and life’s best indulgences – take in…