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What to Eat in Iceland if You’re a Picky Eater

I am going to be honest with you. I found that the food in Iceland is overall pretty bad. Well, that’s all relative, I suppose. I should say that as an American I found the traditional Icelandic food unappealing, although I didn’t go hungry.

Icelanders nosh on many dishes considered to be delicasies from smoked salmon, stewed fish, smoked lamb to sheep’s head, blood pudding and meat soup.

If you’re not an adventurous eater, keep your belly full with these options instead.


Which is made from curdled milk and comes in a variety of flavors. I really enjoyed eating Skyr for my breakfast meals while exploring Reykjavik. A 10-11 convenience store (similar to 7/11) was across the street from me and I purchased fruit and granola to eat with the Skyr. My favorite flavors were Vanilla and Peach, although I wish I was in Iceland long enough to taste all the samples.

Bonus: Because going out to eat is notoriously pricey, especially in the capital city of Reykjavik, eating Skyr in the mornings will save you a lot of money than buying breakfast at restaurants.

skyr in iceland


Lamb Soup

If you go on the Golden Circle tour or visit Gullfoss waterfall, there is a cafeteria and gift shop onsite called Gullfoss Kaffi. It’s a no frills restaurant where hungry travelers can fill their bellies before the next tour stop. I visited Gullfoss in late April, but the mist from the waterfall combined with the low temperatures had me freezing and ready to warm up with a hearty meal.

Luckily, I got to warm up and try a traditional Icelandic dish all at once here. Definitely order the Lamb Soup – broth with chunks of lamb, potatoes and vegetables. Pssst, you get free rolls with the soup, too!

iceland lamb stew

Other popular snacks in Iceland include doughnuts, waffles, pancakes, oatmeal cakes and wonderful, delicious, crepes.


These babies were found at Eldur and Is, a whimsical little cafe right in the heart of Downtown Reykjavik. I opted for the nutella and pear crepes with a big glass of milk. I was stuffed and so satisfied. Fun fact: The cashier was so confused that I ordered a whole glass of plain, dairy milk that it took me a solid three minutes so explain what I wanted. Ha!

reykjavik crepes

Reykjavik Chips

Seriously, if I could go back to Iceland JUST for Reykjavik Chips, I would. They are so crispy, flavorful, and have to many sauces to choose from. I tried the Chives sauce and my friends had the Samurai Chili Mayo sauce. Their motto is “Where the Fries are Twice as Nice” and oh man, I agree 100%. I’d say this wasn’t the most nutritious meals of my trip, but at least this was a delicious alternative to eating rotten shark meat.

reykjavik chips



Luckily for me, the traditional Icelandic dish is… hotdogs! The pylsa hotdog containts lamb and served with sweet mustard, dried onion and a remoulade sauce which makes for a unique flavor.


Just be cautious, everything in Iceland is notoriously expensive, and restaurants are no exception. These inexpensive street foods are a great option for what to eat in Iceland. For both picky eaters, and budget travelers.

When you’re ready to burn off the calories from all these delicious dishes, participate in these Iceland activities.


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