8 Exciting Watersports To Experience in 2024

Whether you choose outdoor activities based on their potential for relaxation or for the associated adrenaline, waterscapes are an amazing environment to consider. From rivers and lakes to shores and open seas, there are a wide variety of watersports to be enjoyed, as both an individual and in groups. 

If you’re interested in picking up a new outdoor activity, perhaps inspired by the growing number of wild swimmers across the country, then we have eight of the best to choose from, drawing from the fastest-growing watersports worldwide.


Popular as both an individual excursion and a group adventure, kayak is a firm favorite among the watersport community, and continues to grow in popularity. Kayaking opens up all types of waterscapes for exploration, whether for an afternoon paddle or a weekend journey that sees groups camp as they explore.


While incredibly exciting, windsurfing does have a steep learning curve and those just starting out should seek guidance from a tutor or class. Once comfortable on the water, however, few watersports can offer as great a thrill as windsurfing, with incredible speeds and massive air being the achievable goal of many trips on the waves.

Scuba Diving

Another watersport that requires initial tutelage, scuba diving also requires licenses and significant equipment too, which is an investment that puts many off. Those who do persevere, however, are rewarded with an amazing new world of underwater landscapes and wildlife that few others get to see in person.


Quickly becoming one of the most popular watersports in the world, paddleboarding is easy to pick up and fun for the whole family. This accessibility is partly why the watersport is a firm favorite. Stand-up paddleboarding is, however, also a comfortable way to explore waterscapes, opening up waters to all ages, whether they wish to chase waves or practice yoga on the water.

Wild Swimming

Taking a dip in wild waters is said to be restorative. Even doing so in the coldest temperatures is said to be great for one’s health, at least according to figures like Wim Hof. Those who are willing to give it a go are often rewarded with enthusiastic social groups and a wonderful experience of tranquil nature.


For those seeking adrenaline, wakeboarding is often the answer. Like bringing a snowboard to the waves, wakeboarding is high-speed and undeniably thrilling. Finding one’s feet can take a few failures but those who stick with it end up reaching unrivaled heights.


Overcoming the natural landscape offers a great thrill. Those who enjoy canyoning describe it like a puzzle, where the environment offers a seemingly inaccessible area that individuals and groups must solve, whether navigating rocks or dipping into the water.


This California classic is seemingly forever popular and has since become celebrated across all of North America. Promising you have the right environment and weather, surfing is a brilliant way to spend time on the water, encouraging those who ride the waves to truly understand the language of the ocean.


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