Mystery of St. Petersburg Sphinxes

I live in Saint-Petersburg i can certainly condition that Petersburg is considered because the Egyptian city in Russia. The town is on one meridian as great pyramids are. Walking roads and embankments you are able to meet lots of mysterious creatures: lions, griffins, Satyrs, water creatures.

Book Saint-Petersburg Introduced Tours and you’ll match the most puzzled creatures sphinxes. The sphinx image was used in several historic structures of Petersburg.

Where’s a sphinx from?

The term sphinx comes from Greek. In Greek mythology, a sphinx is symbolized as being a monster obtaining a mind in the lady, your body of lioness along with the wings in the novelty helmet. Alexander the great overcome Ancient Egypt but did not destroy their ancient culture. Sphinx means “living image” or “living rock” in Egyptian.

The riddle within the sphinx

The Sphinx is pointed out to possess guarded the doorway within the Greek capital of scotland- Thebes and to have requested a riddle of travelers allowing them passage.

“Which creature uses four legs every day, two legs within the mid-day and three legs throughout the night? If passerby was unable to answer she strangled and devoured him.

There is however Oedipus who solved the riddle by answering: Man, who crawls as being a baby, uses two feet maturing and walks obtaining a stick later in life. Being defeated by Oedipus the Sphinx put herself inside the high rock and died.

Egyptian sphinxes in Saint-Petersburg

Mystical Stories About the Sphinxes of St. Petersburg - Russia Beyond

Sphinx could be a mysterious creature with human mind and lion body, a combination of intelligence and strength. With various Sphinx is unquestionably alert guarding the peace of pyramids.

Its eyes are wise and deep. Sphinx is unquestionably a kind of mystery. Ancient Egyptians thought that sphinxes was a particular capability to safeguard the tomb of dead Pharaohs from opponents.

Getting overcome Egypt Greek gave the conventional capital of Egypt exactly the same name Thebes since its own capital.

There’s two sphinxes you may also see booking Introduced Tours Petersburg. They decorate the Embankment near the Academy of Art.

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