Sri Lanka Travel Tips for Nature Lovers

There are few places where city lovers and nature lovers can enjoy the same holiday. Sri Lanka is one of those places. Sure there are the bustling and culturally vibrant epicentres but few people know of the splendid nature one can also experience here. Lush jungles, peaceful beaches, national parks and places that make you question if there are still any people left on earth.

When you come to this amazing country do the right thing and make it an experience not just a destination. There are so many magical places to stay among the natural landscape that will give any nature love that feeling of comfort and home. With all the necessary amenities and comforts of home surrounded by nature it’s a great idea to rent a Sri Lanka villa. These luxury private villas ensure privacy and come with amazing amenities like your own private pool, gourmet kitchens, indulgent bedrooms and a villa manager to make sure you have everything you need.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage Site makes sure your high expectations are met for this jewel of nature. Situated in south-west Sri Lanka, Sinharaja is made of almost nine thousand hectares of untouched tropical preserve. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a natural wonderland featuring more than eight hundred species across a broad spectrum of types. From birds and insects to rare amphibians they all coexist here and can be seen if you’re careful. When you are here you feel the humbling effect of the soaring tropical hardwoods, ferns and lianas tangled together. This place is truly a paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Take a walk under the lush tropical canopy. Marvel at the wildlife. Take in a breathtaking waterfall without the crowds and tours.

A local experienced guide is recommended to take you through the jungle and the surrounding villages. The nearest village is a tranquil spot where the locals have learned to live with nature for thousands of years. It is definitely a sight to see. If you don’t want to get wet then January to March and August to September are the better times to come. Make sure you plan ahead with things like binoculars, leech socks and proper clothing. It is recommended to set aside one to two days for such an immersive journey.

Yala National Park

The best chance in the world to spot a leopard in their natural habitat is right here at Yala. Although there is a rich collection of plants and animals in Sri Lanka, Yala has the most concentration than anywhere else. Sri Lankan elephants, aquatic birds, buffalos, monkeys and crocodiles are also high on the list of most likely to be seen. Such a special place ensures these animals thrive naturally without human intervention just as nature intended. You can find Yala sanctuary perfectly pitched on the southeast coast of the island. Don’t think when you arrive you are thrust into the bush along a jungle trail. There are plenty of activities for an outdoor enthusiast like jeep safaris, hiking tours, and fishing trips.

A local guide will help you navigate the paradise and even take you to witness the villages of Yala and experience their culture. Plan to visit for at least two to three days during the dry season from February to June the animals are more likely to come out in the open in their search for water.  September the park is closed so plan accordingly. When packing for this excursion be sure to bring masks as the dust and dry air can be quite intense.


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