Things to do in Cuernavaca (Mexico)

Cuernavaca is typically ignored by international visitors; however, is a prominent destination amongst Mexicans especially the ones staying in Mexico City. Cuernavaca provides an excellent mix of city attractions, as well as natural wonders. Given the earthquake in 2017, lots of locations are still being refurbished yet there is still plenty of points to do in Cuernavaca. The city is additionally an excellent base camp to discover. Also, a few Pueblos Magicos, and the bordering nature.

To find an ADO bus station in Cuernavaca, please click on the link.

  • Morelense People Art Museum 

Morelense museum is devoted to maintaining, as well as showcasing the various types of artifacts characteristic of the customs and society of Morelos State. It’s a good location to find out more about the local lifestyle, and the various people staying in the location.

  • Robert Brady Gallery 

Robert Brady was a musician from America, as well as a collector, he purchased this house, part of an old convent, and recovered it. His residence is now open up to site visitors and showcases greater than 1,300 art pieces, some by Diego Riviera, Frida Kahlo, or Milton Avery, among others. Your house in itself is also worth an appearance, it has been left as it was after the death of Brady in 1986.

  • Native Contemporary Art Museum

This gallery is just a couple of years old and is part of the State University. This personal collection showcases inventions, as well as art items from over 12 ethnic backgrounds from all over Mexico.

  • Royal Residence of Hernan Cortez

Seriously hit by the 2017 quake, the Hernan Cartez Royal residence is still being restored. A little portion has been completed and can be visited; however, not at all times. You’ll have to examine it when you arrive.

  • Borda Garden 

Among the best things to do in Cuernavaca, a tour of the Borda Yard is a must. This peaceful yard, bordered by the city, is the ideal place to go for a stroll and relax for some time. Bring a book and some treats, as well as prepare to invest the afternoon there.

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