How To Make Your Next Camping Trip Even More Exciting

How To Make Your Next Camping Trip Even More Exciting

Camping is a timeless activity that continues to be enjoyed by individuals and groups alike. It offers the opportunity not only to escape the modernity of modern and urban settings but also the ability to explore amazing landscapes and enjoy activities like wild swimming and hiking. At a time when screentime is becoming even more ubiquitous and mental health concerns becoming more common, this respite is increasingly important.

Despite this opportunity for escape, however, some continue to be put off by the idea of camping. It can be written off as boring by those who perhaps haven’t yet found an appreciation of the outdoor environment or as too involved by those who see the need for equipment as overwhelming. Some have even found camping to be too stressful an activity, especially if they have tried bringing along young children in the past.

To demonstrate that camping needn’t be considered in such a way and to inspire individuals and groups to find it more exciting, we’re sharing ways to make your next trip into the wild even more exciting.

Combine It With An Activity

Immersing oneself in nature can be a great way to revitalize one’s own well-being, while the physical exertion involved, especially when combined with other outdoor pursuits, can be great for physical health too.

Those who enjoy exploring rivers and lakes can bring along a paddleboard or kayak, while those inclined to climb can bring along their gear to scale new heights. With the ability to camp, these activities can be enjoyed further afield, opening up new landscapes to explore without the need to limit the time or distance of an excursion.

Forage For Dinner

One of the biggest encumbrances of camping stems from food supplies. Depending on one’s expertise, one can offset part or even all of this luggage with the sourcing of foods from the wild. There are a number of safe and delicious foods to be found in Australia’s landscapes and a little knowledge can go a long way, even putting certain mushrooms on the menu.

Be sure to only consume what you can safely identify and only take a small portion of what’s available. When it comes to the camping stove, however, one seldom needs much, and sourcing dinner from the local environment can be an immensely satisfying way to experience the wild.

Travel By Other Means

Camping doesn’t need to be done by car, driving to a location to then find a suitable spot to spend the night. In fact, some groups take to combining camping with different ways of exploring. Some, for example, will cycle in groups, filling their panniers with camping equipment and taking to the road to explore invigorating routes and physically pushing themselves further along the map.

Others, however, will take to exploring rivers, which can be done with the support of kayaks, boats, and even paddleboards. Equipment can be loaded onto the craft during the day, traveling downstream, then unloaded in the evening when a new location is found.

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